Best Electric Car Lease Deals in 2014

I was surprised to hear that a few big auto makers are dropping their cost to lease electric vehicles in 2014 to under $300 monthly. The Honda Fit model comes with unlimited miles. This will make leasing much more attractive to commuters whom it would not make financial sense to lease an electric vehicle otherwise.

Electric car price drops for 2014 and leasing incentives will certainly increase sales numbers for those electric car makers throwing their hats into the ring pushing to increase production of their new models.

In terms of EV’s and their high cost to buy – I think leasing is really the way to go right now with the current government and manufacturer incentives being applied to leasing. You’ll be able to get the latest upgraded technology every few years when the lease is up. Once the cost to own electric cars drops it might make more sense to buy, but we are not there yet – not for several more years.

The very best lease deals are only being offered in a few states – Honda Fit & Chevy Spark. The Ford Focus electric car and Smart For Two ED (electric drive) are being offered nationwide. Honda motors USA is leasing the Honda Fit electric car for $0 down, and $259 a month. Ford is leasing the Focus EV for $929 down and $284 a month.

Here is what came up when researching Ford’s website to lease a Focus EV in Florida.

I increased the default miles up to 19500 miles per year for this focus EV lease quote and that pushes the payment up to $358 monthly. Base MSRP 1$35,200 Destination Charges$795 Estimated Capitalized Cost3$35,995 Available Incentives $9,250 Net Price $26,745Down Payment-0 Net Trade-In Value-0 Adjusted Capitalized Cost $26,745 after sweet lease incentive RCL Customer Cash

Program #50214: Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 01/02/2014. Not all Focus Electric models may qualify. See dealer for residency restrictions and complete details. There were a few cars showing available at local dealers.
Amount $9,250, Offer Valid 10/1/2013 – 1/2/2014

Here are a few other EV lease deals I was able to find

Smart Electric Drive (Smart ED)
199 monthly
999 down
all 50 states – 68 miles of range. If you wanted to buy but are worried about the battery you can lease the battery for $80.00 per month

The most popular electric vehicle lease will probably be the Leaf.

Nissan Leaf – 75 miles of range
199 monthly
1999 down
50 states

Chevy Spark
Lease: $199 a month for 36 months
Down: $999
Availability: California and Oregon
Driving range: 82 miles

Lease: $199 a month for 36 months
Down: $999
Availability: California
Driving range: 87 miles


Let us know what the best electric car lease deals in 2014 you are able to find in the comments so we can up date this post with the most current information.


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