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WV bugs and their parts have been used in vehicle conversions and kit car platforms for many years. I think this makes them a top choice for an EV conversion donor car.

Electric Vehicle VW Bug Conversion Kits

Another reason the VW Bug always remains on my radar is the large selection of electric Bug conversion kits. Almost any online retailer of electric vehicle parts has a complete electric conversion kit for a Bug.

Here are a few I like – this is one of my favorites – all top quality parts.

Here is a super cheap ev conversion kit it’s not much more than a NEV kit but great for getting around town on the cheap. You could convert a Bug that will go several miles and a top speed of 40mph for less than $4,000 total with a kit like this one.

This low-budget electric vw conversion assumes $1,000 for the donor car, $2400 for low-budget kit, $500 for batteries.

I initially dismissed the bug as a good choice for me because I assumed they would be too hard to find cheap and in decent condition. Only after scanning Craigslist for a few months did I realize that someone was always selling a bug project for under a $1000 and nice running cars for $1500. I would go for the runner and sell the ICE (engine) parts to reduce the budget even further.

I am always keeping my eye out for the right VW Bug to convert.

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  1. angelo says:

    i have a 1956 vwbus , how do i go electric?

    • Sonny says:

      You could find a shop that does EV conversions or if you can work on cars make a plan by researching all the parts needed. The easiest way to do this is to find someone who has converted the same vehicle and use their parts list and results as a base plan for yourself. Then make adjustments to their plan based on your needs. ie. Longer range add more batteries (capacity). Want higher speed use a higher voltage system.

  2. KaikaniAz says:

    I have 2 VW sI’m thinking about converting to electric what’s the cost average per vehicle .?

    • Sonny says:

      About $20,000 with a good range lithium battery pack. If you don’t need a long range and use golf cart (lead acid or AGM) batteries or a smaller lithium pack you could cut that figure in half. Good luck and thanks for commenting!

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