I’m a Mega Commuter

According to our local news station Bay News 9, Tampa Bay – New Port Richey area. They ran a story on the morning news about mega-commuters.

If I am remembering correctly, if you drive more than 50 miles a day and spend about an hour and a half in your vehicle a day…you are a megacommuter.

People make negative comments or ask me all the time about daily commuting – Assuming the commute is really bad? It is at times but like most things I like to adjust my lifestyle and daily routines to fit my wants and needs at the time.

Some of the things I do to make my mega commuting better are

Pick a senic relaxing route with less traffic.

I have two choices here a scenic country back road commute, or a beautiful water front route with over 7 miles of causeway and bridge travel.

The thing I really hate about commuting is the fuel consumption and fluctuating high cost of fuel. To the tune of around $300-$400 USD per month for our family using one car.

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